EXP practices

Exp acts as an umbrella organisation for design architects developing their own practice and research. Some of our leading practitioners are:

Sean Griffiths
Sean was a founding partner of Fashion Architecture Taste, the seminal and iconoclastic group of architects and designers whose works include The Blue House, London, BBC Cardiff, the 'house' for Grayson Perry in Essex, Grote Koppel in Amersfoort, the Sint Lucas academy in Boxtel; the Kessels Kramer advertising office in Amsterdam and the Villa Rotunda Redux in the Venice Biennale od 2012.
Sean is Reader in Architecture at the University of Westminster and long-term teaching collaborator with EXP founder and coordinator Dr Kester Rattenbury. He has also been visiting Professor at Yale University.

Peter Barber
Peter's work on innovative housing design links a study of streetlife into the development of high density housing models. His projects include Doris' Place (2002) an unltra-dense, mixed use development, Cedars Road Hostel 'mini-foyer' for St Mungo's (2007), the dense, mixed-use Donnybrook Quarter in Bow, London (2005), and the terrace/courtyard development at Tanner Street Estate, Barking (2007)

Andrei Martin and Andrew Yau
Urban Futures Organisation
Martin and Yau are part of the international design netweork Urban Futures Organisation which won the international competition to design the Sarajevo Concert Hall in 1999, still in development. Other projects include the Lemon Factory extension, Messina, Italy; Generative Components, a parametic and algorithm-based computer-aided design software, and the Mulini water power project, Amalfi, Italy.